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7 reviews for Roasted Coffee 1Kg

  1. Chantilly

    I was a long customer of tomoka and I’m done with them . but wild coffee is different it test so much better it’s so fresh and it’s typical Ethiopian coffee I loved it

  2. Estipanos

    Best Coffee products I have ever had

  3. Estipanos

    best ever

  4. Estipanos

    Best Coffee ever

  5. Ulrich Eckhardt

    I am an avid coffee drinker for decades. I lived in South America many years and of course was used to Colombian blends, Brazilian, Peruvian, Ecuadorian and Bolivian coffees.
    The last 20 years or so I have come to appreciate African Coffee, Tanzanian, Kenyan of course and Rwandan. I find Ethiopian coffee probably at the very top, and on my frequent trips to Africa I always try to fly via Addis Ababa to top up my coffee supply at home, buying many kilos of coffee at Bole Airport in transit.

  6. Adam g

    The taste and aroma of this coffee is amazing. I like this coffee a lot


    I had a lot of delicious coffee while traveling in Ethiopia. When I blend myself, I drink Yegachev and Sidamo. After I finished the trip, I tried several types of coffee to bring to Korea the delicious coffee I had in Ethiopia, and found the best coffee I have ever tasted. Body feeling. From texture to taste to fragrance, there was nothing I didn’t like. When I returned to Korea, I gave wild coffee as a gift to my friends, and everyone praised me as the best coffee I’ve ever had. I also finished drinking wild coffee from Ethiopia. Wild coffee that is soft and unused and retains the true taste of coffee, and now I can’t go back because of the corona, but when the situation in the corona calms down, I will drink wild coffee again. And I want to present wild coffee to my friends. I had a delicious wild coffee last day. We look forward to the opportunity to drink again soon. Thank you for allowing me to drink delicious coffee. Next time I want to visit the company. Wish the company to flourish. I like wild coffee in Korea

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