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The Wild Coffee assortment offers a wide and diverse range of roasted coffee to satisfy every palate with flavours including those of deep spicy, floral, herbal, winey or fruity blends. We promote authentic Ethiopian coffee flavours to the world, offering customers a wide selection to choose from. Wild Coffee products consist of whole bean and ground coffee.

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  1. Ulrich Eckhardt

    I am an avid coffee drinker for decades. I lived in South America many years and of course was used to Colombian blends, Brazilian, Peruvian, Ecuadorian and Bolivian coffees.
    The last 20 years or so I have come to appreciate African Coffee, Tanzanian, Kenyan of course and Rwandan. I find Ethiopian coffee probably at the very top, and on my frequent trips to Africa I always try to fly via Addis Ababa to top up my coffee supply at home, buying many kilos of coffee at Bole Airport in transit.

  2. Adam g

    The taste and aroma of this coffee is amazing. I like this coffee a lot


    I had a lot of delicious coffee while traveling in Ethiopia. When I blend myself, I drink Yegachev and Sidamo. After I finished the trip, I tried several types of coffee to bring to Korea the delicious coffee I had in Ethiopia, and found the best coffee I have ever tasted. Body feeling. From texture to taste to fragrance, there was nothing I didn’t like. When I returned to Korea, I gave wild coffee as a gift to my friends, and everyone praised me as the best coffee I’ve ever had. I also finished drinking wild coffee from Ethiopia. Wild coffee that is soft and unused and retains the true taste of coffee, and now I can’t go back because of the corona, but when the situation in the corona calms down, I will drink wild coffee again. And I want to present wild coffee to my friends. I had a delicious wild coffee last day. We look forward to the opportunity to drink again soon. Thank you for allowing me to drink delicious coffee. Next time I want to visit the company. Wish the company to flourish. I like wild coffee in Korea

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The best coffee I’ve tasted so far…. very impressed with texture, taste and scent. Quality packaging, truly ingenious!

Michael Haile


I try wild coffee in my home test is different from other .wild coffee the best .

Eshet Fantahunegn


Smoothest, nicest coffee I have ever had the pleasure to drink

Joe Leaphorn


Delicious coffee! I have tried it once I had come back to Europe, but if I had known, I would have stuffed my suitcase with it !

Aurelia Barraux




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